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Andreas Lie

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Andreas Lie is an engineering student from Haugesund, now living in Bergens, Norway. He's 24 and has found an international audience with his work, most notably with the series "Norwegian Wood" that merges portraits of animals with the landscapes in which they live.  The use of digital double exposure a process which involves merging tow unique photographs to create one piece of art, provides a unique and wonderful expression and by using a simple idea in a new way he's quickly becomes a recognisable artist.

Lie's images reflect a deep appreciation for nature and the wildlife that inhabits the wilderness near his home.  He is fortunate to live in a place surrounded by majestic mountains and wild spaces, which are undoubtedly an inexhaustible source of inspiration for him in his work. His unique images typically feature a single animal, set in sharp contrast to the negative space that surrounds i, and filled with images of their natural habitats.  Contained within the stark shape of the animal you'll find forest scenes, mountains, water, and other scenic vistas that are then blended seamlessly with the texture of the animal's fur or features, as the case may be.

The work of Andreas Lie is truly extraordinary in it's subtlety. His images speak volumes about the interconnectedness of nature and the creatures that inhabit this planet alongside us.  We welcome Andreas as one of The Mountain’s newest artists, and look forward to presenting his work in our 2016 ArtWear Collection.

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"I have always loved to create, whether it was legos, photoshop or programming. That is what drives me, that is what makes me happy"  - Andreas Lie