Big Face™ Animal T-shirts

Big Face™ t-shirts from The Mountain® have been the rage for a number of years now. Celebrities photographed wearing them, along with an episode of  The Apprentice UK made Big Face™ t-shirts a fun must have fashion piece. 
The designs come in a variety of animals including dogs, cats, tigers, wolves and just about any animal you can find. 

You and your family can show off your favourite dog breed wearing one of the many Big Face™ dog designs.  If dogs aren't your thing that's ok because you'll find many Big Face™ animals available.  Sizes available range from kids right up to adult size 5X-Large!  

The hyper-realistic artwork from the world's best animal artists give these Big Face™ t-shirts a 3D effect. With the image covering the front of the shirt it gives the 3D illusion the animal is popping off the shirt.  They're fun, comfortable and incredibly long-wearing so you'll enjoy your 3D Big Face™ t-shirt for years to come!
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