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David Penfound

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Wolf Family Mountain Ceramic Mug | The Mountain®

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David Penfound originates from Hampshire in the UK, and from an early age discovered a talent for art.  Originally inspired by fantasy art, David honed a specialty for creating imaginative colourful artwork covering a wide variety of genres. As a traditional artist, David found he had a connection with Native American art and was delighted to have his first exhibition in the US feature his Native American images.  A true animal lover, he then used his natural skills to create some breathtaking images of wildlife and fantastical creatures.

David took his skill set to new heights by learning 3D digital art, which opened the door to a world of new possibilites. This new endeavour led him to explore the world of creating visual effects for televsion and film, working with some of the biggest names in visual effect production.  His work has spanned into media, advertising and product design, again working with leading global brands.

Life is for living. To experience natural highs. And david enjoys his life to the fullest, being an avid extreme sports enthusiast. He enjoys snowboarding, paragliding, sky diving, deep sea diving, and several other activities that push the proverbial envelope.

David is a leader in art and design, with nary a subject that he cannot master.  He has been working closely with The Mountain for over ten years and was instrumental in the creation of the Big Face and Manimals Collections.

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