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Jody Bergsma

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A Love Like No Otter T-shirt | The Mountain®

Adult t-shirt featuring a pair of otters locked arms floating in a river.

From: £25.99
Allegiance Eagle T-shirt | The Mountain®

Adult t-shirt with eagle and American flags available in sizes up to 5XL.

From: £25.99
Bergsma Dolphins T-shirt | The Mountain®

Adult t-shirt featuring dolphins playing under a full moon.

From: £25.99
Giraffes T-shirt | The Mountain®

Mottled tan adult t-shirt with three giraffes on the front.

From: £25.99
In Spirit I Am Free T-shirt | The Mountain®

Native American themed wolf t-shirt in adult sizes up to 5XL.

From: £25.99
Manatees Forever T-shirt | The Mountain®

Adult purple t-shirt with a family of four manatees on the front.

From: £25.99
Unforgettable Journey T-shirt | The Mountain®

Mottled blue t-shirt with wolves that have Native American feathers in their fur.

From: £25.99
Wolf Howl T-shirt | The Mountain®

Stunning blue adult t-shirt with a wolf howling at the moon.

From: £25.99

Jody Bergsma is a US artist that is self taught in water colour. Her beautiful wildlife artwork is now available on t-shirts by The Mountain®.

​​​​​​​"I propose that mankind shares a common reality, just beyond the range of normal sight. The images are emotions, those which are unseen but felt... unheard but known. There are moments when we have acute awareness of existence... like the feeling of exultation when one stands on the edge of a mountain, or the top of a crescent moon. Each man's physical adventure is unique, but the abstract language of feelings, and our realization of existence is our shared experience. My paintings are part of my personal adventure. Memory simplifies the setting. I no longer see the mountains edge, but I do see the feelings it stirred.

Art is a tradition that helps define who we are and brings us a vision of who we can become. My painting is my expression and request for a more beautiful, peaceful and harmonious world." Jody Bergsma