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The Mountain t-shirts

Our UK Supplier of The Mountain® products serve all of the UK and Europe. Due to Brexit and covid, they have made changes with ordering from the states.

In recent years they ordered massive amounts of stock from the USA for The Mountain® products which would come by shipping freight to keep prices at a minimum. Weekly they would order small amounts of air freight to top anything that had temporarily run out of stock until the next shipping freight arrived.  

Unfortunately because a big portion of their supply was going to Europe and with Brexit this has changed things. For the unforeseeable future they will only be ordering air freight every other week until they get a better idea what sellers in Europe will still be doing business.  Shipping freight will be put on hold until they get an idea of what items customers want before placing large orders.

This unfortunately means that some products (Pre-Order items) will take up to 28 working days for us to receive and dispatch an item(s).   If you have multiple items and only one is a pre-order, we will send out the available items immediately once processed and packed.

New 2021 designs are coming in slowly and we will post them on the site once available.


Temporarily suspending shipping to EU countries

Unfortunately, due to changes from Brexit, we have temporarily suspended shipping to EU countries. New custom tax changes to 27 different countries, have made things more difficult and our system isn't set up to handle this.  We hope to be able to resume this in the not so distant future.

We will still be shipping internationally to non-EU countries.