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Latest News

27 September 2018 - New Website 

For our regular customers you may have noticed our website layout is new. We recently switched platforms, and there are a few kinks that we're working out.  If you need help signing into your account, information on your loyalty points or just need help with checking out. Please contact us. Hopefully everything will be ironed out quickly and long before the Christmas rush.

27 September 2018 - Delay with Hoodies  

Freight from the US with our new line of autumn/winter hoodies & t-shirts by The Mountain® has been delayed and should hopefully be in the early part of October. We'll post it here as soon as they are here and available to order!

08 September 2018 - Phone line closed 

Our phone line will be closed from Sept 14 - September 25, 2018.  You will still be able to contact us during this period using the contact form. Please allow 24 hours for a reply.  Orders will be processed and dispatched during this period however; the faster delivery option will not be available during this period.  If you are within the UK please allow 3-5 working days for delivery. 

31 August 2018 - New Website

You may have noticed some changes to the website. We have recently changed website platforms. The new system has many updates which will help our customers find products and use the site more easily. We are currently working on some areas that have not transferred completely from the old system to the new. It is still safe however; to order from our new site.

As soon as all the updates have been fixed on the new platform we will begin adding the Autumn/Winter lines from The Mountain® and Lazy One®. So bookmark our site and check back for some exciting new products! Including kids hoodies!! 

One area that may not have transferred completely is Loyalty Points.  We have a full list from the old system of customer's loyalty points and if need be we can add them manually to the new system. 

As with any new system there may be teething problems and while we don't foresee to many, we just ask for your patience. The new site will have a better search facility and make shopping easier in the long run.

20 June 2018

We are happy to introduce our new line the Protection Collection from The Mountain®. These t-shirts, mugs, hats, tote bags bring awareness to endangered wildlife.  We are also fund raising for our chosen charity Four Paws UK. We will donate £1 from every animal t-shirt sold to Four Paws UK.  If you would rather donate directly to Four Paws visit our Facebook page and click on the donate button.

13 May 2018

After two extended visits at the hospital between January and the end of April things are finally back on track. This week customers will be able to order the widely anticipated tote bags from The Mountain®.  These designs feature all your favourite t-shirt artwork.  

You'll also find new mugs, hats, t-shirt designs as well as new t-shirt styles. These will be added to the site throughout May. 

09 January 2018

Happy New Year! We hope you had a safe and happy holiday season. We've got some great products coming in 2018 to look forward to. The new 2018 Spring Collection from The Mountain® is starting to arrive here in the UK. We'll be getting all the new t-shirt, hoodie & apparel designs on the site as soon as they are available. 

In addition last year The Mountain® launched new gift products including: mugs, hats and tote bags which they tested on their site and have now made available to us retailers.  So you'll soon be seeing these great new products on our site as they arrive from the US.