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Rachel Anderson

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Rachel Anderson has been fascinated with the world of fantasy since she was little, when her parents began reading her books like Alice in Wonderland and The Wizard of Oz. From then on her imagination was incurably overactive. At an early age she began attempting to bring all the characters and stories in her head to life on paper. But it was not until more recently that she actually began to really learn the basics and improve her skills as an artist. Now she cannot not imagine doing anything else.

She has always been fascinated with the spiritual realm - what it might look like if we could see it and so forth - so that influences her art a great deal. She is also greatly influenced by turn-of-the-century illustrators like Arthur Rackham; Pre-Raphaelites, Neo-Classicists, and Romanticists like Waterhouse and Bouguereau; styles like Art Nouveau; and current fantasy artists like Brian Froud and Kinuko Craft.