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Tom Wood

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Tom Wood is a fantasy art illustrator who is among the best-selling poster artists in the U.S. and Canada. The "Tom Wood Fantasy Art" brand has sold millions of products since 2005.  Tom's creations of dragons and medieval, death defying warriors have become iconic images of fantasy culture across America, Europe, and Asia.  Leading manufacturers and publishers have licensed the Tom Wood Fantasy Art property for books, posters, figurines, stationary and home decor items (more than 100 different products!), accumulating over $8 million in retail sales at well-known retailers arond the world.  In addition, in Tom's work as a commercial artist his clients have included well-known companies like Warner Brothers, Disney, NBA, NFL, MLS, Reebok, Gatorade and the NCAA.

Tom's painstaking attention to detail is the hallmark of his life-like images. Images that do not simply tell a story, as much as they transport one to an entirely new fantastical realm.  Tom's successful career is a result of a rare combination of exceptional artistic talent paired with an astute business acumen.  His compassion and enthusiasm for the visual arts make him a much sought after speaker, spending much of his time outside the studio mentoring students, as ewll as appearing at many Comic Cons across the country.

Tom resides on his family farm in Mammoth Springs, Arkansas with his wife, Kim and daughter, Emily. When he's not in his studio he can be found running the back roads with his girls.  Visit him at

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